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What is outcome-based working and why should my business adopt it?

Outcome-based working is a work approach that focuses on achieving specific results or outcomes instead of measuring work based on the time or effort put in. This means that instead of tracking the number of hours an employee spends at work or the amount of work completed, the focus is on the quality and impact of the work produced. In other words, it’s a results-driven approach.

Adopting an outcome-based working model has several benefits for businesses, including:

  1. Increased productivity: When employees are focused on achieving specific outcomes, they are more likely to prioritize tasks that are important and impactful, resulting in higher productivity.
  2. Flexibility: Outcome-based working allows employees to work at their own pace and schedule as long as they are achieving the desired outcomes, which can improve work-life balance and boost employee satisfaction.
  3. Accountability: This approach encourages employees to take ownership of their work and be accountable for achieving the desired outcomes, leading to a higher level of engagement and commitment.
  4. Cost-effectiveness: Outcome-based working can be more cost-effective for businesses because it prioritizes the most important work, resulting in fewer wasted resources and increased efficiency.
  5. Innovation: Outcome-based working encourages employees to think creatively and find new and better ways of achieving outcomes, leading to increased innovation and competitiveness for the business.

In a recent survey of LinkedIn users 72% of respondents WANTED to work to Outcomes… food for thought when you design your next talent attraction campaign hey!

In summary…

Outcome-based working is a results-driven approach that can help businesses increase productivity, flexibility, accountability, cost-effectiveness, and innovation. By adopting this approach, businesses can improve their bottom line while also creating a more engaging and satisfying work environment for employees.

We can help!

At The Find Your Flex Group we help business integrate outcome-based working through a targeted operating model change, rather than pushing for whole sale transformations in one go. This allows us to bring the people and management layers on board, by proving concept in one department (we start with Recruitment & HR), creating excitement and hunger for change, in the rest of the business.

It’s an organic approach to becoming Mutable as a business and it is grounded in a sustainable future of work.

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