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The evolution of HR

Have you been thinking about what the future of work looks like? Have you prepared how you will manage your people differently as their roles are impacted by technology and automation? Have you looked how you will mine new talent pipelines?

Does your HR team have a Digital Anthropologist yet?

If not, let’s learn why you should!

One of my roles, since I’ve become a CEO and Founder, has been to provide Digital Anthropology support to another of our Group companies, Bloor Research. With this hat on, and after leading a session at last years CDO Exchange on Outcome based working to a room full of Chief Data Officers. I came to the conclusion that as more technology and automation comes into our work places, then the more we need to adapt, and that the adaption needs to be led by HR.

HR teams should learn how to manage people who will be partnered with technology differently.

Here’s why:

As technology continues to rapidly advance and transform the workplace, HR professionals need to adapt and develop new skills to effectively manage employees who work alongside technology.

One approach to this could be to introduce a new job title, such as Digital Anthropologist, to emphasize the need for HR professionals to understand the cultural and social implications of technology in the workplace. This role could focus on studying how employees interact with technology, identifying potential challenges, and developing strategies to address them.

Additionally, HR professionals should consider upskilling themselves in areas such as data analysis, digital tools, and cybersecurity to better understand the impact of technology on their organizations and workforce and how they can build policies to protect their people (as a side note, our team has been hit by digital shysters and have paid out money they thought was to help me – we weren’t hacked, they just had a neat trick to obscure their real email address! Our onboarding and people policies now reflect our learnings from this experience.). They should also focus on creating a culture of continuous learning to encourage employees to keep up with technological advancements and adapt to new digital tools.

Overall, HR teams need to recognize the importance of technology in the workplace and develop new skills and approaches to effectively manage employees who work with technology. 

Introducing a new job title such as Digital Anthropologist can be one step towards achieving this goal.

Navigating the future of work from HR

The Find Your Flex Group and it’s parent company Globalution understand the Future of Work and what will make a real difference in the HR and Recruitment Industries as our businesses adapt and evolve. We practice what we preach and we are backed by significant case studies and analysis. 

So if you need some practical advice, or help recruiting or training your own HR based Digital Anthropologist, talk to us today.

Signing off for another week!



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