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Your christmas recruitment!

Your christmas recruitment!


We have the perfect gift for you!

Every year businesses face higher demand around the holiday season, higher demand means more staff are needed and this means a whole lot of recruitment. With it comes a ton of headaches across the board and it’s time for this to change.

Why does seasonal recruitment turn employers into grinches?

There is a reason it’s called ‘Seasonal Recruitment’. Employers only need extra recruitment support during the busy holiday season.

In the past, employers have one way of coping with this issue; taking on more recruitment staff to cope with the workload of xmas recruitment drives. But this a significant fixed cost to incur just for a few busy months!

Naturally, once the high recruitment period is over, employers no longer need the added support and will have no choice but to let staff go. This has an annual negative impact on attrition rates.

Our gift to you this christmas:
the ultimate solution

Plugin all the recruitment support you need during the holiday rush. Once the busy season is over you can plug support back out. No hassle, low cost and not impact on attrition!

We’re also blowing Santa pretenders out the sky with our £500 universal fee. We don’t charge based on a salary percentage, we charge the same amount across the board (including executive hires). Watch your recruitment costs plummet as a result.

We provide the best Talent out there, so don’t be surprised if you strike gold this Christmas! If you gain Talent that you realise you can’t part with after the holidays, don’t worry. We’re not about taking gifts back! There will be no additional fee for post-contract retention, so you can keep the gifts that keep on giving! 

Better for candidates

Most Christmas temps face the harshness of being thrown back out into the world of job seeking after their contract term ends.

The candidates we source will be returned to our exclusive Talent Pool to be retargeted after their term has ended. Leaving them in a better position than when they started.  

Seasons greetings from

We decided that this year was the year for businesses to finally stop dreading Christmas. This is supposed to be the season to be jolly and yet for employers it brings with it nothing but stress in the form of seasonal recruitment.

Which is why we put together the perfect gift that will forever make the holiday season something to look forward to; our Flexible Resource Architecture! With it you can plugin support and plugout again when seasonal demands die down. Solving one of the biggest annual issues for businesses everywhere!

But that wasn’t enough for us; we’re tired of seeing recruitment Scrooges taking employers for a sleigh ride to nowhere nice with outdated, unjust fees based on a salary percentage of your vacancies. We say ‘Bah Humbug!’ to that with our £500 universal fee for ALL roles regardless of salary.

This Christmas we’re putting you and your needs first with real, fair, cost-effective seasonal recruitment! To have a Merry Christmas this year, you don’t need to write to Santa, you don’t need to wish on any stars or hope for a Christmas miracle. You just need to hit that button below to get in touch and receive all the gifts that will keep on giving!