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The benchmark of evolution and the only way to ensure our services continue to provide the most benefit to our clients. We are constantly researching the latest recruitment tools, methods of best practice and alternative solutions to meet employer needs. But our research includes you; by performing vital business need assessment we match our methods to you to ensure you get the right Talent into the right role. 
We've fully designed our services around the variable needs of our clients. Whether it's basic recruitment administration, candidate-facing resourcing or fully managed 360 recruitment; how we provide these services is key. Through universal fees that protect budgets, scaleable plugin/plugout services ensuring clients will never be over or under resourced and a reliability rebate that enables cost-neutrality. We are changing the process of recruitment from a tedious necessity to a valuable opportunity. 
This is why we say we're not just a recruitment agency. Because for us, once Talent is acquired that doesn't mean our job is done. Our clients mean more to us than that. Which is why we invest in helping our clients to retain Talent and to avoid high attrition rates. Through improving employer branding and engaging with internal stakeholders we enable our clients to build up their teams for long-term success.

Our journey

Started to answer the Flexible Working issue for Mums. expanded to DaddyJOBS.CO.UK WHEN DADS ALSO SHOWED THEIR NEED FOR FLEXIBLE WORKING
Became Find Your Flex when it became apparent Flexible Working should be available for everyone
Joined the Globalution Group and started our Talent Acquisition Managed Services
Started the 'recruitment rebellion' challenging outdated practices for the benefit of employers

How we help businesses Thrive, not Just Survive

Talent Acquisition, Sourcing & RPO

Businesses outsource their recruitment to us, whether full TA, Sourcing support or taking over specific processes. We’re here to provide employers with quality Talent through cost-effective means that enable growth.

Flexible Working Job Platform

We match candidates searching for flexible working with flexible employers on our job platform. We have a number of job vacancy packages available for employers.

Outcome-Based Working & the Future of Work

We are thought leaders on the future of work, which we see as outcome-based. Through focused consultancy & spreading the word, we help businesses step into this future.

Our Message


Create an

Focused on your future. Delivering the Present

Manifesting Talent​

Why should you talk about your recruitment strategy to The Find Your Flex Group?

We believe flexible working is truly misunderstood. True flexible working involves a model based on output, and outcomes, rather than time spent at a desk, and goes hand-in-hand with the ability to work multi-portfolio. Why tie yourself or your people in to working set hours on three or four days a week, when you can be pay people upon completing an agreed-upon output at a pace and schedule that suits all parties – whether it takes four days or two?


Moving your recruitment function to an outsourced or shared service model, is critical to cutting your fixed costs (and removes the need to make redundancies when times are tight). Rather than all the costs associated with full-time employees (plus the use of costly recruitment consultancies), The Find your flex group can help you maximise productivity and value, by sharing your people resources across organisations, ensuring you only pay for these roles at the time and output that are needed. 


Let’s face it. In an ever-changing world full of uncertainty for workers, multi-portfolio working will become the norm. As the use of automation continues to rise, typical full-time 9-5 roles will be eroded, and people will need to adapt to working multi-portfolio across multiple roles and organisations to maximise their worth. Multi-portfolio working isn’t the future, it is now, and many of the most productive workers are already operating in this way.


Step into your new Flexible Resource Architecture programme with The Find Your Flex Group today and benefit from experiencing TRUE flexible working.